How do I avoid the wedding planning blues?

You are crunching numbers and setting meetings with vendors, parents, and your bridal party like you are planning for a corporate takeover. Your eyes are glazing over and you feel like you will drown under the weight of normal life + this new extra job of wedding planning. So, how can you avoid the wedding planning blues and make it to the aisle in one piece? We have gathered some sage advice and tips to aid you in a balanced planning process. Lets get you to the “I Do” with a smile.


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Step 1: Lean on Love

You have loved ones, they offer to help, you politely decline and shoulder the burden on your own. Time and time again, this step is what we have seen lead couples to the wedding planning blues. They have the “I got this” mentality that  quite frankly, can drive anyone mad.


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This is the time, be with your tribe and let them share the load. There is one of the reasons you chose your fiancee, your person of honor, and the people you surround yourself with in the real world. They are amazing!  So, let them in. Make a punch list of items you can delegate through the process. Whether it’s making a few calls, sending emails or even licking 100’s of envelopes, anything they can do, let them! Including your tribe in the process will bring you together as well as help you re-focus on the tasks that only you can accomplish.

Step 2: Hire Vendors You Trust

This starts early in the process for most couples. You find a venue, coordinator, or caterer that you connect with and begin to cultivate a relationship. As you mutually learn more about each other, you start to trust their guiding hand. This is extremely beneficial as it often results in a resource to connect you to other amazing vendors.

For over 20 years we have been honored to work with many amazing businesses and people that we consider our vendor family. Build yourself a “fantasy-football” like wedding team of all-stars. Count on your vendor team to see your vision through to the end.


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Meet Up- At Lionscrest we love to gather our top vendors in our annual bridal showcases. These events allow planning  couples to see, taste, touch, and feel the quality of their work. Not in Colorado? No problem, you can do the same in your home locale. Just find out which shows/tastings/tours your vendor will be at and their “favorite” to attend. If you find yourself at the right bridal show, odds are you will leave with a shortlist beginning to a stellar wedding team for your day. If you are interested in joining us at one of our upcoming bridal showcases please click HERE for the next available show.


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Step 3: Stay Connected

I know this sounds like something need not said, and yet it is one of the most important. Do not lose your connection! This is your day together and it all started with the two of you. Your love, your friendship, and your connection. Work at it! Take time off from the planning each week to enjoy each other and being engaged. The word “engaged” truly means to be involved and interested. Be in the moment together and find ways to let loose and laugh. You will be recharged and ready to hit the wedding planning again full steam.


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Step 4: Be Realistic with Your Wedding Planning

Sorry to burst the Pinterest bubble but we all get way too inside our imaginary digital lives for our own good. We want perfection and have spent years collecting this digital scrapbook of what “THE DAY” is, both online and in our minds. Pick the best of what “THE DAY” is that represents you both and throw the rest in the trash. This process and moment needs to be true to you and what you two will accomplish together. “THE DAY” does not need to be the most liked, shared, tweeted and blogged moment ever. Be genuine and true. Find an achievable vision that allows a proper balance of time, money and sanity.


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Step 5: Insurance

The last thing you want to think about and yet it is the dark place your mind goes whenever it finds a moment. The dreaded “what if” zone.

  • What if it rains?
  • What if the caterer does not show?
  • What if the ring bearer loses the rings?
  • What if I show up without anything to wear and my teeth start falling out?

This is a place of nightmares!

A wedding is the biggest single day investment you will ever have. You insure your home, your car and your health. Don’t skip on the wedding day coverage. Protect it! Companies like WedSure are there to help ease your worries.

Wedding coverage can help take care of items such as; lost deposits, damages, jewelry protection, wedding dress damage, vendor cancellation, and so on. Therefore, every dollar spent will equal happier and restful nights.


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There you have it, our top 5 ways to avoid the wedding planning blues! Hopefully you found this information useful.  At the very least, we hope you leave with a goal to create your own decompression list to get you down the aisle with a smile. If ever you are feeling stuck in the trenches above all, remember to turn to each other for love, support and connection.

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