Springtime in Colorado feels so earthy, smells so great and looks so fresh! I think it is my favorite season for Boho weddings. Everything just feels so alive! That’s why we are looking today at Spring Boho Wedding Inspiration.

So what is Boho really?

According to Miss Martha Stewart and crew “Boho weddings incorporate a mix of natural, rustic, and vintage details into the design.” Nature… spring has that in spades. Rustic… over in Lyons, just look around town, we bleed “rust.” Vintage… Something old, something new, something borrow and something boho too!

Peruse our inspiration boards on Spring Boho Wedding style. These lovely gems will have you grabbing a picnic blanket and heading out barefoot for a commune with mother nature.

Spring Pastel Vintage Wedding
This pastel palette brings together elements of nature and beauty with a soft whisper.

Just because you are having a boho wedding doesn’t mean that it can’t have a luxe feel. Boho Chic works best when you looks at it in layers. Everything has depth and a story. Making your wedding decor feel like it came from your home is part of this charm. Bring in pieces that mean something to you and your family so that guests can get a true sense of your love story.

With Love and Favor

A nice added touch, make the take-away or favor something to cherish and collect. We have seen small succulents from a couples garden that can be transplanted into the gardens of their guests. Dreamcatchers, vintage maps and other travel items. All of these can be small collections that inspire the mind beyond the wedding day.


Boho Chic Wedding
Touches of navy, rust rose, mint, gold and cream. This combination offers a rich variety that is pleasing to the eye.


Can’t get enough? Come by our Spring Bridal Showcase on Sunday, March 18th from Noon to 3 pm. We will have a collection of vendors, goods and boho bliss at your fingertips.

Front Range Bridal Show
Lionscrest Manor Spring Bridal Showcase 2018


Photos for our inspiration boards were provided by:  Elegant Images, David Alderman Photography, Emily Forsberg Photography, Tom K Photo, Beth Photography and Susan Armitage Photography.
Cake: Colorado Rose Cake Company. VW Limo: Hippie Limo.
Boho Wedding Inspiration Board