Choosing the perfect Colorado wedding venue can be one of the most challenging tasks set to an engaged couple.  With hundreds of choices today, couples must weigh many factors to pinpoint the right space that matches their style, budget and overall needs.

While we are obviously a bit bias when it comes to selecting your Colorado wedding venue.  We feel blessed to be in a position to help couples on their hunt for the perfect wedding spot.  Even if it is not us!

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Where to start when you are on the hunt for the perfect Colorado wedding venue?

We have gathered some of our top tips for dialing-in on your dream space.

1. What is your dream space or aesthetic?

Are you looking for a rustic barn, a modern art gallery, or a classic ballroom? The variety of Colorado wedding venues is far greater than when Lionscrest Manor first opened their doors to engaged couples, nearly 24 years ago.  Couples have different visions for what they want their wedding spot to encompass and there are options available in today’s wedding venue hunt.  Starting with this fundamental question should help you quickly narrow in on your options and the path you should focus on.

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2. What is your budget?

One of the least favorite parts of making your dream come true is the bubble-bursting budget.  Being honest and setting a budget early in the process will save you heart break and many waisted outings in the long run.  Breaking out your budget into subcategories and putting them in order of priority will also help you to find your budget balance.  Working with a wedding planner can streamline this step and move you through the process as they know best the vendors and price points for selecting the right Colorado wedding venue.

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3. What moment are you creating for you and your guests?

It is important to know your family and friends.  Though this wedding should be about you and your fiancé, first and foremost, your family and friends are also along for the journey.  Are most of them coming in from out of town?  Will you be hosting more than just the wedding and reception during the week?  Are there any health or lifestyle restrictions that may add to headaches down the road if you do not address them up-front.  Weighing guest comfort at the beginning can aid you in your hunt.  Again, while it is your day, you want to do your best to create a welcoming and engaging experience that will leave all with a smile.  Activities, accommodations, transportation and environment will all be key pieces of the puzzle to put together when searching for the perfect Colorado wedding venue.

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4. What is included in your Colorado wedding venue?

A venue with tables, chairs, linens and decor could appear to cost more upfront than a DIY oriented venue where you pick and rent items on your own, but getting an estimate from a rental company will quickly help you to see an apples-to-apples comparison.  This may lead you to your next question, is your venue a full service space or can you pick and choose your vendors?  Most savvy couples these days like to have the final say in who will help create their dream.  Pick those who will your vision not hinder it.  Don’t forget to add in the taxes and gratuities… this piece can often be overlooked and leaves couples over budget and feeling blue when the final check is cut.  Asking vendors upfront about these items will help you to budget correctly.

To narrow your venue search and quickly follow our suggested steps we recommend checking out the Wedding Spot.  Their site helps you to run a venue search by location, budget, styles, and capacity.

More About Our Colorado Wedding Venue

Lionscrest is a private mountain retreat, offering a feeling of quite serenity while still close to it all.  With wildflowers blooming in the summer and eagles nesting on the cliff-side and unobstructed Colorado mountain sunsets, our space has a top of the world feeling.

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Nestled in the tiny town of Lyons, Colorado, couples and guests delight in all that the Front Range has to offer.  With quick access to Rock Mountain National Park, Bluegrass festivals in town, countless mountain biking and river adventure opportunities there is a bit of something for everyone.

Whether planning a intimate gathering of 50, or an elegant affair up to 250, our ballroom, mountain ceremony lawn and private acreage estate offer countless opportunities for a unique Colorado mountain wedding venue. If you are looking for a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter wedding, the Lionscrest Manor family can help you fulfill your wish list.  We offer custom inclusive packages that will make planning for couples both local and from afar.




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photos provided by Beth Photography, Elegant Images, Emily Forsberg Photography