As a family in the wedding industry we look at lots of wedding photos. Many from events that are hosted at Lionscrest but also photos from amazing photographers and locations across the globe. As we look over these photos it is easy to get glassy eyed. The wedding of Kaitlyn and Jon however, will stand out fresh in our minds for years to come. The couple’s effortless style runs deep into their images from head to toe or in this case root to leaf tip. We know that you too will be enchanted by these images shot by Elegant Images & Photographs. Kaitlyn’s sweet smile makes you instantly want to be her friend and Jon’s steady gaze and sure stance lets you know he is in love with this woman and is not afraid to show it.
What we really fell in love with was the couples blending of rustic charm and classic elegance. Having a true Colorado mountain wedding was not lost here. With birch candle centerpieces that had hand carved initials to the tree stump cake with the same carving applied this wedding gave guests the feeling of a movie romance. Something like old childhood sweethearts that met at camp and were only reunited many years later with a chance crossing at their tree. Awe Swoon! This wedding should inspire us all to stop and smell the roses, and enjoy the rings of your life like the rings of a great tree. After all, a good strong story like a towering tree will live on for other generations to enjoy. Thanks to Kaitlyn and Jon for allowing us to become a ring on your life’s tree.

This tasty cake masterpiece was created by Marci withColorado Rose Cake Co. We have been getting lots of comments and requests for more information on this cake so we wanted to be sure to pass along the information to all. When we spoke with Marci here is what she had to say about the cake and the happy couple. “I really enjoyed working with Kaitlyn and Jon and loved their rustic elegance theme.  They came in with an idea of the aspen tree wedding cake and we did a close study of our trees at home to create the knots that they liked. The flavors were an Amaretto Cake with a Raspberry Filling and a Butter Yellow Cake with a Lemon Cream Filling”. Thanks again Marci for your artistic eye and creative prowess to take on something new to make this dream cake a reality!

Menu From Greens Point Catering
Greeting Station
Mint and Cucumber Infused Water Citrus Infused Water
Passed Hors D’oeuvres
Truffle Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
Bacon and Chicken Bites with a Sriracha ranch dip
Appetizer Buffet
Vegetable Crudite Display creamy herb dip
Dinner Buffet
Artisan Breads
Simple Salad – mixed greens, sea salt, olive oil, sherry vinegar
Asiago Chicken – herbs and crispy panko bread crumbs
Boneless Short Ribs Korean BBQ
Mashed Potatoes – roasted garlic
Sautéed Green Beans

Lionscrest Manor Recommended Vendors from this event
Caterer- Greens Point Catering
Cake- Colorado Rose Cake Co
Decor- Lionscrest Manor and Reale Decorating
DJ- Pure Sounds Productions
Photography- Elegant Images & Photographs
Florist- Flowers In Bloom