Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. A thousand paper cranes are also traditionally given as a wedding gift by the family, who are wishing a thousand years of happiness and prosperity upon the couple (Wikipedia).
And the story began (from Allison)… Kyle and I both meet back in college at the University of Northern Colorado through my RA.  We went out a few time but our lives ended up going separate ways.  A year or so later, we ended up having our one and only classes together and of course reconnected and started dating.
Around January 2010, Kyle and I both had started new jobs and hardly had seen each other.  We both worked odd hours and were busy with out of town training.  Unknown to me, Kyle had been trying to propose on several different occasions but something always come up and he never was able to.  Mostly it was my father he could never really connect with.  (Yes, Kyle was finally able to ask my dad. And yes, my dad was excited about it.) Finally, on January 4th we both had a day off.  We decided that we wanted to go hiking up near Estes Park after running a few errands, which included getting a camera for Kyle (so he would stop throwing a hissy fit because we forgot ours).  Kyle insisted that we hike up to Gem Lake. (Yes, he planned the irony and yes I didn’t catch on.)  After the 1.7 mile hike and a stop almost every 5 minutes for pictures, we were at our destination.  A gorgeous frozen lake surrounded by large rock formations with untouched snow everywhere.  It was breathtaking!  Kyle wandered off somewhere, while I got myself comfortable for lunch.  When Kyle finally came back, he was trying to get me to stand up.  As stubborn as I am, I refused several times to budge from my spot before finally getting annoyed and giving in.  Needless to say, Kyle got down on one knee and asked me to marry him (very nervously too).  I think my response was I’m sorry and YES!!!!!
The folding of paper cranes is an old Japanese tradition. Cranes, like the dragon, are sacred, standing for peace, health, and luck. It is said that if a couple folds a thousand cranes together, they will have a long and prosperous marriage.  It shows their dedication to the each other and their love, which will be rewarded with a good and prosperous marriage. Cranes also tend to be incorporated into wedding since they mate for life.
Kyle and I decided to use the cranes to honor my grandparents (Japanese Americans) who are no longer with us but always with us in spirit.

These well wishes and blessing were felt throughout Allison and Kyle’s wedding celebration.  Sarah Lee Welch Photography was at Lionscrest to capture the photographic moments of the day so that like the cranes these images will live on as cherished mementos of love and blessings from family and friends who joined them as they became husband and wife.
Allison and Kyle worked with some other amazing vendors to help create their wedding space into a romantic and welcoming location for all to gather and enjoy each others company. Deb with Reale Decorating worked with the shades of blue and cream white to create striking bouquets and floral arrangements. She also incorporated thick gauge wire into the boutonnieres to add a modern sharp crispness to contrast the dainty elegance blossoms. It was quite stunning!

Marci with Colorado Rose Cake Co also took the twisted lines and incorporated that into the wedding cake with a wrap effect that was set off the fresh flowers. The five tier cake tempted guests with its fragrant smell of soft roses and sweet icing. We have to admit that even after 16 years of weddings we can’t pass up a piece of Marci’s cake!
Allison and Kyle’s favorite memory from their wedding day… Kyle was not well versed in wedding etiquette and his biggest goof would be when he ate his own piece of cake instead of feeding it to me. Then he continued to eat another bite before the whole hall cracked up laughing.  That’s when his face went bright red and he turned and asked “What?”.  He was then filled in on the wedding cake tradition.  And the more I think about it, I would also have to agree that this is my favorite memory after our wedding ceremony.

All in all this wedding tempted and rewarded for mind body and soul from beginning to end with the love and thought that these two put into the details. We send Allison and Kyle 1,000 blessing and many happy years filled with laughter, joy and tradition!

Lionscrest Manor Recommended Vendors from this event
Wedding Consultant- A Beautiful Memory
Caterer- Front Range Catering Company
Cake- Colorado Rose Cake Co
Photography- Sarah Lee Welch Photography
Liquor- Party Liquor
Florist and Decor- Reale Decorating