The Staff

Lionscrest Manor - A family dream

The Forsberg Family built Lionscrest Manor in 1993 after attending a family member’s wedding on the East Coast. With a house full of teenage girls, Bob and Leona thought about the future. They envisioned a home where their daughters’ childhood dreams could come true; a home where they could live, work, play and entertain family and friends in the town their families have lived in for five-generations. Then they asked themselves: What fun would Lionscrest be if they could not share it with other families. So with love, hope and dreams, Lionscrest was born and continues to this day. This is the Forsbergs’ story, and they hope that it can become part of yours as well.

Ann Yuska

Event Supervisor and Sales Consultant

Ann has been working with us at Lionscrest for many years now. First as a an independent wedding consultant and now for the past three years as an Event Supervisor. Ann brings a great depth of knowledge to her events and a professionalism and calm that is greatly appreciated by her brides. Ann lives in Berthoud with her husband and four children.

Emily Forsberg

Event Supervisor and Sales Consultant

Recently graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor in Art and Photography. Emily is carrying on with her position at Lionscrest as a Supervisor of Events, she has trained with us for 7+. Emily's clients love the fresh approach and attitude she brings to her events. When she is not working at Lionscrest her photography business takes her from the East Coast to Colorado for weddings and special events. You can view Emily's work go to her website at

Joan Heddles

Event Supervisor, Sales Consultant and Event Design

Joni has been working in the event industry for 20+ years. We first came to know Joni as an Event Designer with A Spice of Life Catering. After many years working hand in hand on successful events we were very fortunate to have Joan join the Lionscrest family. Joan is a jack of all trades and assists with event sales, design meetings, event supervising and also works at Greens Point Catering as an event designer. Clients who have the pleasure of working with Joan always comment on her organization and personal attention she gives to her couples.

Leona Forsberg


A passion for creating events that the couple and their families can enjoy and be proud of is the driving force behind Leona's creation of Lionscrest. The staff at Lionscrest have worked hard to create tools that allow the couple to plan in detail their event and then relax and enjoy the day. "A key to our reputation in the industry is working with wonderful vendors to create successful events. Raising four daughters in a family business and training them to take over is a blessing and joy". Leona and her husband Bob currently live at Lionscrest Manor in the private wing of the venue. With all of their daughters grown they are enjoying their new roles as Grandparents.

Melissa Brakel

Sales Consultant

Having planned her own wedding at Lionscrest gives Melissa the insight of seeing both sides. Melissa has worked for the Forsberg family for 20 years. Her experience working with couples to plan their budgets and understanding the big picture is a strength. You will see Melissa through out the year at our many showings and special events planned for clients. This year her much anticipated third child is on the way!

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Shannon Huey

Event Supervisor, Sales Consultant and Event Design

Shannon (formerly Forsberg and daughter number two) graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Education and then returned to receive her Masters. She has worked for the family business since opening over 15 years ago. Her teaching and event experience go hand in hand to give her clients a calm and steady rock the day of. Shannon can be found doing sales, design meeting, working as event supervisor and so on. Shannon currently lives in Longmont with her husband and baby girl, Makena or as we call her baby Mak.

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Tana Alderman

Guest Services Manager

Tana (formerly Forsberg and the oldest of the clan) graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Communication and also went on to get her degree in Leisure Travel. Having worked for the family business since the inception, Tana has been there and done it all! Tana works for the company remotely now providing internet/email support, show production, and all of Lionscrest's media work. While chance are you won't see her in person you will most definitely work with her on your event production. On a personal note Tana and her husband had their first child in October 2009, Colton (nickname CoCo). Check back in 15 years and Colton will be on the staff list too!

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Tatiana Wadlow

Guest Servies Manager, Event Supervisor and Event Design

Tatiana (formerly Forsberg and daughter number three) graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Psychology. We call her our camp counselor! Tatiana like the rest of the crew has been with the company since the beginning. She provides support to our clients both behind the scenes and in front. Tatiana has a detailed mind that keeps events moving smoothly with grace and charm. Tatiana lives in Longmont with her husband and four-legged child Lucy (a wylie Old English Bulldog). Keep Lucy in mind as a great ring-dog addition to your special day!

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Wendy Todd

Event Supervisor

Wendy has the honor of being our very first Lionscrest Manor Bride. Wendy has worked for the company for over 10 years in many different roles. Currently she works as an Event Supervisor during our peak times. Couples who work with Wendy love her vibrant and bubbly nature. She is sure to help you and your guests enjoy that special day and leave you with lasting smiles.
Wendy lives in Johnstown with her husband and two teenage boys. Lots of Hockey and Lacrosse games to attend.

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